The case for safety cannula


Intravenous products: Personnel Today report “Ashford and St Peter’s Hospital NHS Trust made the case for safety cannula in a bid to reduce the number of percutaneous injuries. Dwayne Gillane reports.

Regular monitoring of inoculation injuries at Ashford and St. Peter’s Hospital NHS Trust identified cannulae as commonly involved in percutaneous injuries (where access to inner organs or other tissue is done via needle-puncture of the skin). The approach by a Safer Needle Action Group to introduce a safety cannula device helped prevent injuries using a multi-disciplinary team approach, and involving staff in choosing a new safety cannula device. Staff were involved in selecting a preferred device from the four available companies. A robust business case including key facts and figures regarding cannula-associated injuries and the potential cost to change devices, helped get approval from the trust’s Product and Medical Equipment Group.”

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