Teleflex acquire Sustain technology that has been shown to reduce thrombus accumulation


Intravenous products: News Medical report “Teleflex Incorporated announced it has acquired Semprus BioSciences (Cambridge, Massachusetts), a biomedical company and spin out from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The acquisition includes the core Semprus Sustainâ„¢ Technology. The transaction brings to Teleflex an innovative and patented platform technology that serves as the basis for next-generation medical devices. The technology is designed to provide the benefits of reducing complications such as thrombosis and microbial adhesion over long durations.

Sustainâ„¢ is a long-lasting, covalently bonded, non-leaching polymer that is designed to reduce the attachment of platelets and blood proteins at the device surface.

Sustainâ„¢ has been shown to reduce thrombus accumulation in in vitro testing after multi-month exposure to blood and through in vivo animal testing. The technology characteristics mimic the chemical properties of endothelial cell membrane, reducing the foreign body response to an implanted device.

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