SecurAcath FDA approval

Safety IV catheter

Intravenous products: report “Interrad Medical, Inc. a privately held medical device company, announced today that it has received FDA 510(k) clearance of its SecurAcath Universalâ„¢ Subcutaneous Catheter Securement System.

The SecurAcath Universal System is a completely new method for catheter securement. The unique design of the SecurAcath Universal System secures catheters right at the insertion site using a small, blunt anchor that deploys in the subcutaneous tissue just beneath the skin. The device is fast and easy to use, allows for catheter length adjustments, and does not need to be replaced. There are 15 million central venous access catheters placed each year worldwide. Currently, catheters are secured on the surface of a patient’s skin using sutures or adhesive devices.

The SecurAcath Universal System offers significant advantages over current securement methods. The device can reduce costs by decreasing the time required to secure, maintain and remove catheters. The device design allows for improved catheter site cleaning and minimizes catheter motion which may reduce catheter-related infections. Finally, the SecurAcath Universal System is sutureless; therefore, it eliminates the potential for needlestick injuries that can occur when suturing catheters.

Recently, the Company also received both the CE mark and Health Canada clearance for the SecurAcath Universal System. Clinical placements are ongoing in Canada and the device is performing well.”

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