Riverain ClearRead +Confirm highlights lines and tubes on chest X-rays


Intravenous products: MedGadget report “Riverain Technologies is introducing its ClearRead +Confirm software at RSNA, a package that improves the visual clarity of conventional chest X-ray images by highlighting tubes and lines that might otherwise be very hard to see. ICU patients typically have many tubes and lines going into the body, and chest X-rays acquired with portable X-ray machines are often used to determine proper placement of devices in order to avoid complications.

Image quality is often suboptimal, and the rib and clavicle bones obscure visibility of chest tissue making it hard to interpret the image. ClearRead +Confirm processes the radiograph, creating a second soft tissue image with the ribs and clavicles suppressed and increasing the contrast, sharpness and visibility of tubes, lines and cardiac wires. To achieve this, the software uses the same proprietary machine learning and pattern recognition technologies as employed in Riverain’s chest X-ray bone-suppression and computer-aided detection (CAD) software.”

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