Rev Vac safety syringe FDA approval


Intravenous products: Revolutions Medical Corporation (OTCBB: RMCP) has received notification from the FDA that the 510K application for the Rev Vac safety syringe is approved. This represents a major step forward for the company towards realizing its goal in becoming a major player in the safety syringe market.

The Rev Vac safety syringe uses patented technology to draw the needle back into the syringe chamber after use. This safety syringe should result in a decrease in accidental needle stick injuries. Another important safety feature is that it will disallow the reuse of the syringe. This may significantly decrease the spread of HIV and other blood borne diseases. This safety syringe takes only one hand to use, which is a very important feature for the health care practitioner or medical personnel. There are no clumsy clamps, sheaths or other complex safety features that require two handed use.

“We are pleased to receive 510K FDA clearance for our Rev Vac safety syringe. I want to congratulate all of our patient, loyal shareholders. This important step forward will enable the company to aggressively pursue its goal of getting this important safety syringe into the marketplace. Our Rev Vac safety syringe has significant advantages over our competitors and we expect a warm reception from the medical industry,” states Ron Wheet, CEO of Revolutions Medical Corporation.

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