Reusable containers to dispose of sharps


Intravenous news: Infection Control Today report “Stericycle, Inc. announces that it is reaching a milestone with its Sharps Management Service (SMS). Nationally, hospitals have partnered with Stericycle by using the SMS to safely and sustainably dispose of sharps containers. Thanks to this collaborative effort, the number of containers kept out of landfills has reached the 100 million mark.

The sharps management service using Bio Systems reusable containers began in 1986. Today, everyday of the working week a hospital removes its disposable containers and Stericycle replaces them with Bio Systems reusable containers. The eco-friendly reusable Bio Systems containers are proactively exchanged by specially trained service technicians before they become full, which decreases the number of needle sticks to staff. Next, the full containers are sent to one of Stericycle’s Bio Systems container treatment facilities, where they are robotically opened, emptied and disinfected, fully inspected and returned to an acute healthcare facility ready to reuse.”

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