Results of a new study of IV automation systems from independent healthcare research firm KLAS


Intravenous products: News Medical report “RIVA, the fully automated IV compounding system manufactured by Intelligent Hospital Systems (IH Systems), is ahead of

competitors in overall performance, meeting business case expectations and customer satisfaction, according to a new study of IV automation systems by independent healthcare research firm KLAS.

The study, “U.S. IV Automation: Robots and Workflow Solutions in 2012,” examined five pharmacy automation systems, including RIVA and its leading competitors. The report found that RIVA’s initial data scores were highest among all the systems studied. RIVA technology also received high marks for having needed functionality, being ready for widespread industry use and customers that would buy it again. Significantly, RIVA was the only IV automation system in the study to have all customers report it was meeting or exceeding anticipated ROI.”

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