Prefilled saline flush recall


Intravenous products: The FDA safety information and adverse event reporting program from MedWatch have reported on a recall due to possible loss of sterility of the Excelsior Medical Prefilled Saline Flush Syringes.

ISSUE: Routine internal testing conducted on this product found that some of these syringes may leak and lose sterility. This recall pertains only to syringes with the following product code numbers: E0100-50, 10056-1000, 10056-240, 14056-240, 910056-1000, and S5. Exposure to syringes with a sterility issue could result in systemic infection, which may lead to serious injury and/or death.

BACKGROUND: The Excelsior Disposable 5ml fill in 6 cc prefilled saline flush syringes are intended for the flushing of venous access devices and IV tubing.

RECOMMENDATION: Consumers who have 5ml fill in 6 cc saline pre-filled syringes manufactured by Excelsior Medical should immediately discontinue using these syringes and return them to the point of purchase.

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