Pre-filled catheter lock syringe


Intravenous products: report “Excelsior Medical Corporation, one of the leading manufacturers of pre-filled catheter flush syringes, today announced that it has received a Medical Device License from Health Canada for its new, pre-filled catheter lock syringe to be sold in the Canadian marketplace.

This new Excelsior Medical product has been in development for over three years, and included detailed studies on patency and catheter compatibility. We’ve also redesigned the syringe and plunger to maintain stability of the solution and a 2 year expiration date.

The syringe contains the first commercially available heparin replacement solution – a combination of 4% Sodium Citrate and 30% Ethanol in water for injection. The solution has similar anticoagulant properties to heparin so it helps maintain catheter patency without the possible negative side affects.”

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