Potential for GemStar docking station power up failure


FDA report “Hospira, Inc., announced today a nationwide medical device correction of the GemStar Docking Station (list number 13075), used in conjunction with the GemStar infusion pump. When the docking station is used in conjunction with a GemStar Phase 3 pump (List 13000, 13100 or 13150) the potential exists for the GemStar Phase 3 pump to fail to power up while connected to the docking station. When a GemStar Phase 3 (List 13000, 13100 or 13150) or GemStar Phase 4 pump (List 13086, 13087 or 13088) is used in conjunction with both a docking station and an external battery pack accessory (List 13073), there is a possibility that the GemStar pump will display error code 11/003 and give an audible alarm, indicating excessive input voltage from the external sources. If the GemStar pump detects what is perceived to be more than 3.6 Volts as measured on the external voltage input, the pump will stop the infusion. This will trigger an audible alarm and the device will display alarm code 11/003.”

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