New version of Guardrails® suite MX safety software for Canada


Carefusion report “CareFusion, a leading global medical technology company, today announced the Canadian launch of the Alaris® System to help improve IV medication safety.

The new version of Guardrails® Suite MX safety software contains a number of improvements that help clinicians ensure the correct dosing and rate of infusions by providing better visibility to any programmed value that exceeds a Guardrails limit.

In addition, the new version for Canada includes enhanced protection for infant and pediatric infusions where weight is a critical factor in drug and fluid dosages and protection. Support for million unit dosing and nanogram precision of up to five digits for concentration limits are supported for adults, children and infants. The new system provides device notification of non-Guardrails programming and can alert the clinician when there is an unintentional closed clamp on a secondary infusion when used in conjunction with CareFusion secondary infusion sets.”

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