New generation of infusion pump technology announced


Ivenix report “Ivenix, Inc. (formerly Fluidnet Corporation) today announced that it is developing a groundbreaking infusion management platform designed to transform the infusion pump market by helping to improve patient safety and clinical workflow efficiency. The Ivenix Infusion Management System combines three core elements designed to deliver infusion therapy with unprecedented ease and precision:

  • A Simple User Experience demonstrated by a large, intuitive, smartphone-like user interface that is designed to reduce programming and interpretation errors, empowering users to administer medications in less time and with fewer pump interactions.
  • State-of-the-Art Information Technology where the latest information is available at the place and time decisions are made, ensuring immediate, secure access to patient-specific infusion and pump management information from any computer or mobile device, regardless of the level of electronic medical record (EMR) integration.
  • A Fundamentally New Pump Technology that will set a new standard in safety and performance by measuring and adjusting flow rate accurately in real time, providing automated delivery of secondary infusions, elimination of air-in-line, delivery of infusions independent of the height of the medication bag, and best-in-class flow continuity especially meaningful at low flow rates.

Infusion pump technology has been slow to progress despite the increasing complexity of drug dosing regimens, demand for EMR integration, and significant, widely reported patient safety issues. Ivenix is directly addressing a call to action to move from smart pumps to intelligent infusion systems by designing a solution from the ground up with the scalability, flexibility, functionality, ease-of-use and affordability needed to support the changing needs of the nation’s healthcare delivery system and inevitable transition from hospital to home.”

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