Neutron needleless connector


Intravenous products: report “ICU Medical, Inc., a manufacturer of disposable medical connection systems for use in vascular therapy applications, today confirmed that it has received FDA 510-k clearance for the Neutronâ„¢ Neutral-Pressure Needleless Connector. The new connector incorporates patented technology from ICU Medical that is designed to prevent all types of blood reflux in a catheter, including line or syringe disconnection, patient vascular pressure changes caused by coughing or sneezing, as well as an IV bag running dry—all of which are associated with catheter patency.

As a neutral-pressure device, the use of the Neutron may help hospitals address Food and Drug Administration (FDA) concerns about the safety of positive-displacement needleless connectors and their possible connection to higher rates of device-associated bloodstream infections (BSI). Following three reports of deaths associated with BSI and positive displacement needleless connectors—and increased concerns raised by infection control authorities including the Society for Healthcare Epidemiologists of America and Infectious Disease Society of America—the FDA last week ordered manufacturers of positive displacement connectors to conduct a post-market surveillance study on the safety of these devices.”

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