Needlefree injection FDA approval


Intravenous products: report “The FDA issued approval for Antares Pharma’s (Ewing, New Jersey) needle-free injection device for use with Tev-Tropin brand human growth hormone (hGH) from Teva out of Petach Tikva, Israel. The device will be marketed under the name Tev-Tropin Tjet Injector system”.

Teva will market the Antares needle-free device as the Tev-Tropin Tjet Injector system.

“We are pleased to add this new technology to our growing portfolio through our successful partnership with Antares, and to offer patients a less invasive delivery system,” stated Larry Downey, head of Teva`s North America Brand Pharmaceuticals division. “This significant achievement demonstrates our ability to leverage our leadership in the pharmaceutical industry, and our ongoing commitment to utilize our global strengths in innovative activities.”

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