MedeGrip Launches: Ergonomic device helps protect clinicians from injuries


Intravenous product: MedeGrip™, a new gripping aid that also protects clinicians against sharps injuries, is now on the market. After two and a half years of development, inventor Matthew Ostroff said, “It is a dream come true to finally realize a drawing on a napkin come to life and now aid his fellow clinicians. There has long been a need in our field for a specially designed gripping device. This is not just about comfort and effectiveness, although they are certainly important. It is also about healthcare worker and patient safety.”

MedeGrip™ is I-shaped and made of flexible foam. It provides clinicians with both a barrier and softness allowing the manipulation of luer connections to be safe and effective. MedeGrip™ is the first Class 1 FDA certified gripping device in vascular access. MedeGrip’s second function protects clinicians from sharp injuries as an ampule breaker. It is the only device that completely protects clinicians hands from touching the ampule.

MedeGrip is vascular access’s missing tool.

For more information about MedeGrip, call 1-800-652-8151 or access

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