MedeGrip at INS conference


Intravenous products: News Medical report MedeGrip, a new gripping and safety device that protects nurses’ fingers and hands, will be displayed next week at the Infusion Nurses Society (INS) annual meeting. The device makes it easier and safer for nurses to perform various essential duties.

We are pleased to have exclusive rights to MedeGrip for midline catheters, and we expect nurses to be very pleased with this new device.

Invented by nurse Matthew Ostroff, RN, VA-BC, CEN, a PICC line specialist, MedeGrip recently received FDA clearance as a Class 1 device. Class 1 covers low-risk devices such as elastic bandages, examination gloves, and hand-held surgical instruments. The device is an H-shaped gripping aid made of flexible foam. The two opposing surfaces of the device help nurses grip objects more effectively and safely.

MedeGrip can also protect nurses from sharps injuries when breaking glass ampules, which cause roughly one-quarter of sharps injuries in hospitals. Designed to be an improvement over gauze and the new standard of care and personal protection whenever glass ampules are used, it is the only device that completely protects nurses’ hands from touching the ampule.”

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