Launch of MedeGrip gripping aid and sharps injury protection


Intravenous products: MedeGrip, a new gripping aid that also protects clinicians against sharps injuries, will be officially launched at the upcoming annual meeting of the Association for Vascular Access (AVA). The conference will also feature a poster about MedeGrip. The poster addresses nurses experiences with difficult-to-remove end caps on central IV lines – and the need for a safe gripping device in vascular access, highlighting the unapproved use of hemostats. The author of the poster is Matthew Ostroff, RN, VA-BC, CEN, a PICC line specialist and inventor of MedeGrip.

Placed in a central-line dressing kit, MedeGrip can help hospitals improve compliance with their protocol for changing end caps at regular intervals. There has long been a need in our field for a specially designed gripping device, said Ostroff. This is not just about comfort and effectiveness, although they are certainly important. It is also about healthcare worker safety and patient safety. MedeGrip is H-shaped and made of flexible foam. Gripping objects between the device’s two opposing surfaces enables clinicians to grasp and manipulate objects more safely and effectively. MedeGrip also helps protect clinicians from sharps injuries when breaking glass ampules, which are reported to cause roughly one-quarter of sharps injuries in hospitals. It is the only device that completely protects clinicians’ hands from touching the ampule.

In the absence of an engineered solution such as MedeGrip, physicians and nurses have commonly used gauze to grip ampules when breaking them. Gauze does not prevent sharps injuries.

MedeGrip helps with the following tasks, as well:

  • Removing Luer lock devices from central lines;
  • Removing pin knots from peripheral IV lines;
  • Removing and tightening tubing from IV lines.

MedeGrip replaces the risky technique of using a hemostat (clamp) to grab the wings of needleless IV connectors and other small plastic devices. In a recent survey of more than 100 nurses, 54% of respondents said they don’t dispose of the hemostat after a single use, even though 87% said they were aware of the dangers of infection” involved with using the same hemostat (clamp) to loosen end caps or IV tubing from patient to patient. The MedeGrip technique also helps prevent touch contamination from the clinician touching the catheter.

Access Scientific, Inc. (San Diego, Calif.), makers of advanced catheter insertion products, includes MedeGrip in its POWERWAND Maximum Barrier Kit. MedeGrip is a nurse-invented product that solves an everyday problem for nurses,â said Steve Bierman, M.D., Access Scientific’s CEO. We are pleased to have exclusive rights to MedeGrip for midline catheters, and we expect nurses to be very happy with this new device.

MedeGrip, LLC will be at Booth 216 in the Exhibit Hall during the conference. The conference will be held Oct. 2-6 at the San Jose Convention Center in San Jose, Calif.

For more information about MedeGrip, call 1-800-980-5217, email, or access


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