Launch of Flex, a hand-held version of VeinViewer®


Intravenous products: Christie Medical Holdings, Inc. today announced the market launch of the companys newest product, VeinViewer® Flex. With the addition of this fifth-generation VeinViewer, following the recent launch of VeinViewer VisionXTND, Christie now provides a full portfolio of three product tiers that addresses the needs of every major health care market segment.

Flex, a hand-held version of VeinViewer, is designed to provide non-acute markets with the exclusive clinical capabilities of VeinViewer in a form that meets the stringent demands for durability and portability. Flex is designed to the same TrueView vein-width accuracy specifications of its predecessor, VeinViewer Vision, and is currently under testing. Additionally, Flex will feature a new software option, MaxBright, which boosts existing VeinViewer brightness by another 40 percent, making Flex one of the brightest near-infrared vein illuminators on the market. Flex is designed to be real-world durable meeting IEC/UL 60601-1 drop test standards. Christie expects to begin selling Flex later this fall.

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