IV port and Huber needle supplier


Intravenous products: The French company Perouse Medical, known under Laboratoires Perouse for more than 15 years, has decided to enter the UK market with its range of implantable ports and Huber needles.

Fannin Healthcare is in charge of promoting the full range of ports, safety needles and dressing. Polysite® is a wide range of ports available for pediatrics as well as adults and allows venous to rachidian applications. Its profiled shape in both titanium and POM makes it very light, very convenient for the practitioner and very comfortable for the patient. It has the best flow rate of the market as the catheter diameter is strictly adapted to the port exit.

Polyperf® is the complete range of Huber needles and Polyperf Safe® is the Safety version of the needle. It is the only safety needle on the market enabling withdrawal with one hand. It is also the only needle enabling the nurse to perform positive pressure while removing the needle. Cleaner, safer, the port life is longer and the ABE risk is divided by 5.

Polyfilm® is the dressing specifically designed for Huber needles: the middle space does not stick to the needle in order to ease the removal without damaging the needle or displacing it.

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