IV misconnection update


Intravenous products: Infection Control Today report “Addressing a significant issue in neonatal healthcare while helping to also address Joint Commission Sentinel Event alerts, B. Braun Medical Inc. (B. Braun) announced today its alliance with NeoMed, Inc. a manufacturer of medical devices specifically designed to enhance patient safety and clinical outcomes of the neonatal patient. The partnership, consisting of B. Brauns Perfusor® SPACE Syringe Pump and NeoMeds Enteral Safety System, will help healthcare professionals prevent enteral/IV misconnections and medication errors.

Catheter/tubing misconnections continue to contribute to serious, life threatening errors when clinicians mistakenly administer oral/enteral liquids through IV lines rather than through an enteral feeding tube, says Gale White, vice president of infusion systems marketing for B. Braun Medical Inc. The combination of both B. Brauns Perfusor SPACE Syringe Pump and NeoMeds Enteral Safety System promises the opportunity to provide healthcare professionals with a unique connector that allows for the safest, most accurate delivery of both enteral feedings and enteral medications. Perfusor SPACE Syringe Pump is the only syringe pump that recognizes 3 through 60cc NeoMed enteral syringes guaranteeing accuracy of flow at +/-2% using NeoMed syringes and extension sets.”

Designed with both adult and pediatric healthcare facilities in mind, the small, lightweight SPACE Infusion System allows for flexibility and easy transport within a number of care settings. At 9 inches by 6 inches and weighing only three pounds, it has the capability to stack up to 16 pumps in any combination of syringe and large volume within a single bedside tower allowing the SPACE system to meet the needs of any clinical setting. The SPACE system offers the latest in dose error reduction software with a large customizable drug library well suited to pediatric environments.

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