Intra-dermal syringe


Intravenous products: Olberon Medical Innovation, a medical start up company based in Nottingham UK, have just received a UK patent for an intra-dermal syringe that is designed to give intra-dermal local anaesthetic prior to venous cannulation. The syringe is quick and easy to use and designed to introduce the needle at the correct angle for controlled intra-dermal injection.

As is testified by i.v. practitioners all over the globe, many patients remember vividly the unpleasant pain and the discomfort associated with cannula insertion. There is an established body of evidence that administration of the intra-dermal lidocaine will significantly reduce the pain and discomfort associated with establishing intravenous access. There is also scientific evidence showing that not only the pain is reduced through this method, but also the rise in the pulse rate and blood pressure caused by i.v. cannulation is abolished through intra-dermal lidocaine administration.

Anaesthetists in particular have been advocating the use of intra-dermal local anaesthetic for i.v. cannulation; however the uptake by practitioners has been slow in this respect. Research shows that this is partly due to the additional time that is added to that required setting up for cannulation. Olberon are planning, through working with local anaesthetic manufacturers, to bring a pre-packed intra-dermal syringe and lidocaine combination into the market by 2011 providing the practitioner with a quick to use all-in-one device.

Olberon are also currently researching the difficulties experienced by IV professionals as well as the patients in order to understand the issues involved so solutions can be developed. James Armstrong at Olberon would be very pleased to hear from anyone willing to share their experiences of problematic or painful and unpleasant cannulation. If you would like to have further information sent to you on the Intra-dermal Syringe please contact us by e-mail.

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