Innovative intravenous (IV) pump


Intravenous products: report “An innovative intravenous system is set to open up an export flow for medical manufacturers Adept and cut costs for hospitals.

The company based in Morningside, Auckland, has developed a low-priced electronic device to accurately control intravenous infusions. Adept Medical managing director Murray Fenton said no cheap mechanical devices existed to manage and monitor flows for intravenous transfusions. Traditionally hospitals have relied on roller clamps on IV lines, which need manual adjustment and regular checking.

Electronic pumps costing from $4000 to $20,000 per pump mean each hospital will only have a limited number spread around the wards. The only tubing that can be used with the pump is as specified or supplied by the manufacturer at a cost of up to $65,000 over the life of the pump.

“So they pay up to 10 times as much for this tubing as they need to and that’s thrown away every time it’s used,” said Fenton.

“Our aim is to have a very simple version. It won’t do necessarily everything the pumps will do, but for normal ward use it will actually be very accurate, very simple to use and very quick.”

The Adept IVO product was still in the testing stage, but would hit the market in the middle of the year. Strong interest has been shown at an international medical trade show in Germany, with Adept likely to begin selling the product in the UK, Europe and the Middle East as well as New Zealand and Australia.”

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