First IV stick assistance


Intravenous products: Olberon Medical Innovation will be receiving a development grant for its Patent Pending Cannula Dressing which uses vacuum to improve the peripheral veins filling and aims to show efficacy in order to enhance the chances of success on first attempt venous cannulation.

It is well known by IV professionals that on 15-30% of occasions-depending on the patient and the experience of the professional- IV cannulation fails on the first attempt. To help alleviate this issue the staff at Olberon have designed a novel cannula dressing which aims to aid vein inflation and increase cannulation success rates. This dressing, termed Vacuderm is being prepared for clinical evaluation in early 2010. East Midland Development Agency (EMDA) has awarded a development grant to Olberon to create a product ready for clinical use. The development project based on this grant will start in December 2009.

Olberon are currently researching the difficulties experienced by IV professionals in order to understand the issues involved so solutions can be developed. James Armstrong at Olberon would be very pleased to hear from anyone willing to share their experiences of problematic cannulation.

If you would like to know more about the Vacuderm, or share your experiences please contact Olberon at or visit the website


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