Emergency IV drip control


Intravenous products: When paramedics rush to the scene of a multi-car pileup or a terror attack, their first task is to assess who needs immediate care. But blood hemorrhaging can obscure damage, and the gruesome mess means paramedics can’t always determine who should be treated first.

Tel Aviv University’s new LifeFlow device, currently in development, could become the paramedic’s new best friend — and save many lives in the process. The technology is based on a highly sophisticated mathematical algorithm which, when applied to a computer-controlled intravenous (IV) drip, can accurately assess what percentage of a person’s blood stores are left. The device then administers the proper amount and type of IV fluid, permitting the paramedic to move on to the next disaster victim with fewer worries — and more confidence that the first victim will remain stable before arriving at the emergency room.

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