Digital pen tracks glucose levels


Intravenous products: Medgadget report “Keeping track of blood glucose levels over time without a computer can be a challenge for your diabetic patients . Furthermore, most clinicians would rather not get a paper stack of scribbles to sift through to understand the glucose trends. On the other hand, many, especially the elderly, are hesitant to learn to use software which they find complicated and confusing. To overcome the problem comes our favorite new solution for bridging paper with electronic databases.

The DiabCareOnline from German company Ontaris uses technology, seen by us at TEDMED in Shareable Ink, to wirelessly transfer written text from paper to a remote database with the help of a smart, camera equipped pen. Currently being rolled out at Bethesda Hospital in Stuttgart, diabetic patients with the device simply fill out paper forms and clinicians have the numbers autopopulated in a computer application for review.”

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