Covalon Technologies present a new antimicrobial intravenous dressing – IV Clear


Intravenous products: News Medical report “Covalon Technologies Ltd., today announced that it is presenting its latest breakthrough antimicrobial products, including the recently United States FDA cleared IV Clearâ„¢ at the 2012 FIME International Medical Expo (“FIME”) from August 8 to 10 in Miami Beach, Florida.

As a seminar guest speaker, Dr. Val DiTizio, Covalon’s Chief Scientific Officer will be discussing why IV Clear is being evaluated by medical institutions that have adopted programs focused on reducing the instances of catheter related bloodstream infections. Clinicians have identified patients who have weak immune systems, sensitive or compromised skin, or who have long-term catheters as groups who can benefit the most from IV Clear. Dr. DiTizio’s seminar entitled “A Novel Antimicrobial Clear IV Dressing with Chlorhexidine and Silver” will be presented at 10:00am in room D238 during the FIME Medical Educational Conference on Thursday August 9th at the Miami Beach Convention Center.”

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