Clear Guide provides easy needle guidance to any ultrasound system


#IVTEAM #Intravenous products: Medgadget report “Ultrasound guided needle placement has allowed clinicians to perfect regional anesthesia procedures, needle biopsies, central line placement, and other procedures. Though a variety of techniques are used to track the path of the needle, from mechanical to magnetic, most require specialized probes and needles, the placing of markers, calibration, and a certain amount of pre-procedure setup.

Clear Guide Medical, a Johns Hopkins spinoff, has developed a simple, easy to use needle guidance system that clips to any ultrasound probe and provides immediate guidance without tracking markers or calibration for each run. The imaging part of the system visually watches the movement of a needle in front of it and displays the interpolated location of its tip on the screen. Because the system works with existing equipment, clinical staff can continue working confidently with ultrasounds and needles they’ve become proficient with.”

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