CareFusion and Cerner integrate smart pump technologies to improve medication safety


Intravenous products: Yahoo finance report “CareFusion and Cerner today announced the live limited commercial release of a new infusion pump connectivity solution at Oklahoma Heart Hospital, one of the nation’s first all-digital hospitals exclusively focused on heart care. The new offering from CareFusion and Cerner helps hospitals improve patient safety and reduce medication administration errors by enabling nurses to remotely program intravenous (IV) medication orders from the hospital’s Cerner Millennium® electronic health record (EHR) system to the CareFusion Alaris® System smart infusion pump through bar-code scanning. This bi-directional capability between the CareFusion Alaris System and the Cerner CareAware iBusâ„¢ reduces the number of manual steps required to program an infusion order from as many as 16 key presses down to two or three confirmation steps. This helps to reduce the risk of harmful and costly IV medication programming errors at the patient’s bedside.”

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