Baxter IV pump alert


Intravenous products: Baxter International Inc. has found more problems with its long-troubled “Colleague” intravenous fluid pumps, including software glitches the company needs to fix and user problems it has advised customers to avoid.

The Deerfield, Ill., company sent a letter to customers on Jan. 23, a day after its fourth-quarter earnings call, to highlight the newfound issues with its entire roster of 275,000 Colleague pumps around the world, including pumps the company issued during remediation efforts to fix other problems. Colleague pumps were first pulled in 2005 amid a host of problems and defects linked to some deaths.

The latest problems came under the spotlight Wednesday when Baxter said the U.S. Food and Drug Administration had assigned a “Class 1” recall status to the matter, which is the agency’s most serious recall classification.

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