Alaris® syringe pumps (GH, CC, TIVA & PK models) – risk of uncontrolled bolus of medicine


Manufactured by CareFusion – Updates and replaces MDA/2016/023 as the manufacturer has now identified the potential for unintended bolus of medication when any syringe type is used in a pump that contains a broken spring in the plunger assembly” MHRA (2017).

MHRA report “Since we published MDA/2016/023, the manufacturer has identified the potential for a broken spring in the plunger assembly to cause an unintended movement of the syringe plunger, which may result in a bolus of up to 0.5ml. This problem may be significant in the treatment of paediatric patients. This issue may affect all syringes (recommended and non-recommended) when used in the specified Alaris syringe pumps.”

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