Tainted blood products payout


Intravenous news: The BBC report “People infected with Hepatitis C after receiving tainted blood products from the NHS are to receive extra money. Almost 4,300 people – mainly haemophiliacs – were infected after being treated in the 1970s and 80s.

Health Secretary Andrew Lansley described the episode as one of the great tragedies in modern health care. The changes affect only those in England, who will qualify for a range of extra payments. Campaigners have battled for years to get a better deal for those caught up in a scandal that also saw thousands of people infected with HIV. Some victims even found themselves infected with both diseases.

Speaking in the House of Commons, Mr Lansley announced extra financial support, including an annual payment of almost £13,000 for those with the most serious Hepatitis C-related diseases, like cirrhosis or liver cancer. There will also be a doubling in a one-off payment to £50,000 when people become very ill.”

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