Stepping Hill Hospital saline inquiry: Nurse arrested


Intravenous news: The BBC report “Police investigating the poisoning of patients at Stepping Hill Hospital have arrested a nurse on suspicion of tampering with medical records. The arrest came as it emerged a fourth death, of 82-year-old Bill Dickson on New Year’s Eve, was being investigated.

Three people died and 16 others were affected by the contamination of saline at the Stockport hospital last summer. The arrested man, 46, is being held over reports medical forms were altered and a patient given extra medication. “At this time the arrested man is being questioned in relation to these matters only,” a police spokesman said.

He was arrested under section 23 of the Offences Against the Person Act – namely unlawfully or maliciously administering or causing to be taken by another person any poison or destructive or noxious thing so as to endanger life or inflict grievous bodily harm.

The nurse, from Stockport, was one of the 650 people already spoken to by police since their investigation started.”

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