Safe IV injection technique


Intravenous news: OHS report on APIC tips for reducing infection risk in outpatient clinics. One aspect they focus upon is safe intravenous (IV) injection techniques, stating

“In 2008, more than 60,000 people were notified of their risk of hepatitis C due to reuse of syringes at a Nevada endoscopy clinic. There have also been reports of reuse of finger stick devices and insulin injection devices meant for individual use. Reused syringes can transport tiny fragments of a patients blood to the next medication vial, potentially infecting other patients. Syringes and needles must be used one time only. Before receiving an injection, ask if the needle and syringe have been newly opened for you. Inquire if the center uses single-dose vials of medication or multi-dose vials with strict controls. If they use multi-dose vials, ask if they unwrap a new syringe and needle for each dose of medication. If you will receive intravenous fluids, ask that they do not use the bag for other patients or set up the intravenous tubing until they are ready to administer to you”.

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