Reusing single-use IV supplies


Intravenous news: Broward Health report “Broward General Medical Center is reviewing one nurses practice of reusing single-use supplies when administering intravenous fluids during adult cardiac chemical (pharmacological) stress tests.

A call came into our Compliance Hot Line that reported seeing the nurse use the same saline bag and a portion of tubing more than once. A detailed review is underway to determine if patients who received the chemical stress tests may have been put at any risk of exposure to bloodborne infection.

Administrators suspended the nurse pending the outcome of a full investigation. The individual subsequently resigned. She has been reported to the Florida Board of Nursing.

Patients who received pharmacological stress tests administered by the nurse were sent a notification via certified mail and are encouraged to schedule a screening.

Patients who have undergone regular stress tests, which are typically done on a treadmill with electrodes attached to the body, are not at risk.

This is an unacceptable action that once discovered was immediately corrected. We at Broward General Medical Center understand that this is alarming but want to assure our patients, employees, physician and the community that we are actively engaged in every way possible to research and alleviate this situation.

Broward General Medical Center has been investigating this matter rigorously. We have consulted with expert physicians and a team of epidemiology and infection experts from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Florida Department of Health and the Broward County Health Department. Broward General also informed the Agency for Health Care Administration, which has completed a site visit as part of their investigation. The nurses action has been reported to the local authorities who have initiated a criminal investigation.

Broward General Medical Center has taken an extremely proactive approach to alerting the local medical and patient community about the situation. We are also working with the media to get the word out to educate the community on this situation.”

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