PICC investigation involves police


Intravenous news: CNN report “Police in Las Vegas, Nevada, are investigating incidents in which 14 intravenous and umbilical catheters were “disrupted” in a hospital neonatal intensive care unit, leaving one patient in critical condition, the hospital said.

The incidents involving the peripherally inserted central catheters, or PICC lines, began in February, Sunrise Hospital said in a statement last week. The specialized catheters provide long-term access to a vein and are used to provide nutrition, give medication or draw blood, the statement said.

The hospital launched an internal review in February, concentrating on “product performance and staff education,” the statement said, and no disruptions were reported for several weeks. After another one occurred, the hospital retained a plastics engineer with an independent lab to evaluate the lines. The facility then discovered that another kind of catheter, an umbilical arterial catheter, also had been disrupted. Such catheters have a low failure rate, the hospital said.
Hospital officials increased security and installed cameras as part of their review. They also contacted Las Vegas Metropolitan Police and regulatory agencies, including the Nevada State Board of Nursing and the state Department of Health and Human Services.”

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