OPAT development in Ireland


Intravenous news: The HSE have provided an update on future OPD clinical programmes to improve patient care. “Today the HSEs Quality and Clinical Care Directorate unveiled details of its Out Patient Department Clinical programmes which were established earlier this year. The programmes cover a range of clinical areas with a view to reducing the lengthy out patients’ waiting lists around the country. The programmes aim to reduce waiting times for outpatient appointments so that patients will not wait longer than 3 months for an appointment with a consultant.

In particular, the item describes the future of OPAT in Ireland. “The OPAT programme aims to administer intravenous antimicrobials to patients in their home or community, instead of in a hospital setting where patients currently receive this treatment. This marks a considerable improvement for patients, who would prefer to be treated at home, and will reduce the risk of hospital acquired infections. The plan currently being developed is for four regional centres initially with implementation to commence in late 2011.”

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