Online conference indicates that 78 percent of healthcare professionals believe needlestick injuries have not been eliminated


Intravenous news: Infection Control Today report “More than 78 percent of the healthcare professionals who attended Safe in Common’s online conference, “The Unfinished

Agenda,” believe that needlestick injuries have not been eliminated in their work places, reinforcing the fact that there is much to be done in needlestick and sharps related prevention. According to more than half of conference attendees, the answer to protecting healthcare personnel lies in safer engineering controls.

These findings came out of the online conference hosted by Safe in Common, a non-profit organization of healthcare safety advocates dedicated to eradicating needlestick and sharps-related injuries, which was held on Nov. 14, 2012. Nearly 1,000 healthcare personnel registered to take part in the first-ever multimedia exploration of the past, present and future of needlestick safety. The event was created to renew a dialogue among key opinion leaders, experts, and the healthcare personnel whose work environments are fraught with needlestick and sharps injuries despite legislation mandating the use of safety devices for their protection.”

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