Nurse charged with murder


Intravenous news: The New York Times report on a “A nurse has been charged with murdering five patients at a clinic in Lufkin, Tex., by injecting bleach into their veins while they were undergoing kidney dialysis, local authorities said Thursday.

The arrest of the nurse, Kimberly Saenz, 35, this week appeared to resolve the mystery surrounding a spike in deaths and sudden illnesses at the DaVita Dialysis clinic a year ago. State records show 19 people died at the clinic in the five months before Ms. Saenz was fired in late April 2008; that number was well above the states average rate.

The police say they have found evidence linking Ms. Saenz to at least five of those deaths, including three on a single day April 1, 2008. She is also charged with sickening five other patients, who survived despite having doses of bleach added to their intravenous tubes during dialysis. If convicted, Ms. Saenz faces the death penalty”.

Click here for the full story from the New York Times.

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