NMC temporarily suspend registered nurse following intravenous (IV) drug administration errors


Intravenous news: Romsey Advertiser report: A Basingstoke nurse who made a series of errors in administering a drug to a patient has been temporarily suspended from working by the Nursing and Midwifery Council. The council’s disciplinary panel has yet to conclude the case of Bemarich Cainto, despite hearing three days of evidence in London. Mr Cainto admitted ignoring specific instructions from a senior doctor on November 30, 2011, at Basingstoke hospital. He gave a patient the drug Calcitonin via an intravenous infusion (IV) rather than by the prescribed injection. He said he did so because he believed the patient, who was in the acute assessment unit with a rheumatological condition, was dehydrated.

He also compounded his error by using a roller clamp instead of a specialist pump on the IV, meaning the drug flowed too fast into the patient, and he admitted signing to say he had administered the drug before he actually did so. He also failed to arrange for the administration of the drug to be checked and witnessed by a second nurse, in accordance with the trust’s code of practice.

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