Needlefree connectors and pre-filled syringes


Intravenous news: The MHRA report “The MHRA issued MDA/2004/005 in January 2004 to raise awareness of incompatibility between some needle-free connectors and Luer tips of pre-filled syringes. The MHRA continues to receive reports of damage to the needle-free connector and/or to the pre-filled syringe where force has been used to connect incompatible devices together. In some cases fragments may block the syringe outflow. Such damage has resulted in a delay in administering therapy during the resuscitation of patients.

The MHRA also continues to receive reports of adverse incidents involving pre-filled glass syringes used with an adaptor which enables compatibility with a needle-free connector. If the adaptor is not removed from the needle-free connector after administration of fluid via an intravenous catheter, the IV pathway remains open. This poses a risk of infection and the potential for air embolus.”

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