Manchester contaminated saline deaths charges dropped


Intravenous news: BBC news report “Charges have been dropped against a nurse accused of contaminating saline at Stockport’s Stepping Hill Hospital. Rebecca Leighton, 27, of Heaviley, was arrested by police investigating the deaths of several patients in July. Greater Manchester Police have revealed they are investigating 40 cases of contamination including seven deaths.

Prosecutors said there had not been “sufficient evidence” for whether the case could go ahead. Miss Leighton said she had been “living in hell”. Officers said Miss Leighton was released from prison on Friday afternoon after she was told by the governor at HMP Styal in Cheshire that the charges against her were being dropped. They said police were in contact with her to guarantee her safety and “to try and help her back into the community”. The Crown Prosecution Service said it was “no longer appropriate” to continue the case against Ms Leighton.

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