Leaking IV (intravenous) bags


Intravenous news: The Timesonline report “A nurse is being questioned by detectives investigating the suspected sabotage of intravenous drip bags used on a childrens ward.

The 21-year-old woman from Wickford, Essex, was arrested this morning on suspicion of criminal damage and an offence under the public order act – contamination of goods. A batch of more than 30 intravenous bags, which contained sugars and salts to hydrate young patients, were seized by police from a store room at Basildon University Hospital, Essex, in April after they were discovered to be wet.

Of the batch 21 were found to have been punctured and detectives are waiting for the results of tests to see if they have been spiked with any dangerous substances”.

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UPDATE: Nurse bailed 3rd June 2009.

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