IV cannula not removed


Intravenous news: stuff.co.nz report “Two elderly women have been sent home from Taranaki Base Hospital with the remains of an intravenous drip lodged in their arms in the past 10 days. In both cases, hospital staff have been unwilling to travel to the women’s Waitara homes to remove the IV lines, leaving family members scrambling for alternatives. The hospital has apologised, admitting the scenario is “below standard” but insists the right processes are in place. Yesterday Lyn Hoskin contacted the Taranaki Daily News extremely concerned her 74-year-old mother, Josie Lineham, had been discharged from a three-day stay at Taranaki Base unaware an IV remained embedded in her arm. On Tuesday last week, 78-year-old Joy Barlow was sent home from the emergency department in the same condition.”

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