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Intravenous news: IVTEAM are pleased to provide quick links to the IV related High Impact Interventions (HII) provided by the Clean, Safe Care website from the NHS. “The HIIs are an evidence-based approach that relate to key clinical procedures or care processes that can reduce the risk of infection if performed appropriately. They have been developed to provide a practical way of highlighting the critical elements of a particular procedure or care process (a care bundle), the key actions required and a means of demonstrating reliability.

The HIIs incorporate care bundles based on best-identified practice and care process and actions associated with quality patient care. Whether they are used in a coronary care unit or a nursing home, the HIIs can also be adapted locally to any healthcare setting as a tool for improvement to help address particular practice or care process issues.”

Central venous catheter care
Peripheral intravenous cannula care
Renal haemodialysis
Blood Cultures

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