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Safety IV catheter

Intravenous news: Pittsburgh Tribune Review report “When Pittsburgh paramedics try to treat a child in such extreme trauma they can’t access veins for an intravenous line, they push and twist a needle until it goes into a bone to get the necessary medications flowing.

Starting in June, they’ll have a quicker option. City paramedics will finish their training at the end of this month with EZ-IO drills, which will allow them to quickly bore into the bone of an adult or child to place an IV. Doctors who ride with the medics already use them.

The department paid about $12,000 for 19 drills. “The sound reminds you of being in the dentist, but it’s very quick and very painless,” said Brian Smouse, EMS crew chief and training officer. “We’re able to hook up the IV and give fluids and medications.”

Smouse said the drills will be used on patients in cardiac arrest — which medics see nearly every day — or other trauma that causes veins to collapse. The push-and-twist technique only works with children; the addition of the drills allows medics to treat adults similarly.”

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