Hospital wide CLABSI surveillance


Intravenous news: Sarah Cooper (IV Nurse Specialist) and her surveillance team completed a hospital-wide CLABSI surveillance project at the Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust, UK.

The poster ‘Designing and implementing a hospital wide CLABSI surveillance program’ is presented at Infection Prevention 09. Surveillance data was collected for six months from February to July 2009. A total of 647 lines reviewed, with a total of 3928 actual catheter days. ITU patients represent only 15% of the total lines surveilled across the organisation. Frequency of type of line in use for the six month period:

  • Acute = 139
  • Pacing Wire Introducer = 20
  • Tunnelled Silastic Cuffed Catheters = 14
  • Acute Renal Dialysis Catheters = 22
  • PICC = 105
  • Midline = 347

Three episodes of CLABSI identified during this period. This represents a CLABSI rate of 0.78 per thousand catheter days.

Click here to view the poster.


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