HIV transfusion risk


Intravenous news: reports “At least three thalassaemic children have been found to have contracted human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) in recent months, indicating that children suffering from thalassaemia are highly vulnerable to infectious diseases amid unsafe blood transfusion practices in the province.

Dr Azra Abro, the official in charge of the Sindh Aids Control Programmes HIV/Aids treatment centre at the Civil Hospital Karachi, told Dawn on Tuesday that the three children, aged between four and 11 years, combating thalassaemia the inherited blood disorder that needs multiple blood transfusions were referred to it by a couple of thalassaemia centres. She said all the three tested positive for HIV.

Experts believed that the children might have received HIV strains through blood transfusion though the symptoms did not appear then. They noted that since the risk of tainted blood entering the human body was always there, the Sindh Blood Transfusion Authority, hospitals and private organisations should join hands to develop a common pool of critical medical facilities to detect impure strains in bloods and avoid fatal errors.

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