Heparin label confusion


Intravenous news: Attorneyatlaw.com report “Hollywood actor Dennis Quaid and his wife have asked the Illinois Supreme Court to order a state court to hear their lawsuit blaming confusing labeling on the blood-thinning drug Heparin for causing a medical mishap that nearly killed the couples infant twins.

The Quaids accuse Baxter Healthcare Corp., the maker of Heparin, of negligence for packaging the full-strength form of Heparin similarly to a diluted form of the drug, called Hep-Lock, which is designed for use in pediatric patients.

Heparin and Hep-Lock are both anticoagulants commonly used to prevent clogging blockages in intravenous lines. In November 2007, a nurse at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles mistakenly administered full-strength Heparin to the Quaid twins, causing near fatal internal bleeding to occur. It was later learned that by using Heparin instead of Hep-Lock, the nurse had administered doses that were 1,000 times greater than the recommended dose.

The hospital agreed to pay the Quaids $750,000 in damages after admitting mistakes were made.”

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