Extravasation guidelines


The North Trent Cancer Network have published extravasation guidelines. “This policy describes the procedure to be followed following extravasation of cytotoxic chemotherapy. Not all chemotherapy is vesicant (i.e. can cause severe tissue damage when given into the surrounding tissue) but most chemotherapy potentially causes irritation and injury to the tissue and should be treated according to the following procedure. If tissue damage is suspected then treatment must be initiated quickly” (NTCN 2008).

The contents of the guidelines include:

  • Recognition of an Extravasation from a Peripheral cannula  
  • Recognition of an extravasation from a Central Venous Access Device                 
  • Action to be Taken if Extravasation Occurs via a Peripheral Cannula 
  • Action to be taken if an extravasation Occurs via a Central Venous Access Device 
  • Guidelines for the Management of Extravasation during Administration of Cytotoxic Chemotherapy  
  • Quick Reference Guide for Immediate Treatment of Extravasation via a Peripheral Cannula – Algorithm
  • Principles for Minimising Extravasation while Administering Cytotoxic Drugs  
  • Guidelines for Assessing Patency  
  • North Trent guidelines for the management of extravasation from cytotoxic chemotherapy  

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