Epileptic Bailey Ratcliffe had been given around six times the amount of phenytoin that would be expected


Intravenous news: The Daily Mail report “A senior doctor apologised in court today to the family of a five-year-old boy who died from an overdose of an epilepsy drug. Bailey Ratcliffe died in hospital after he was given around six times the correct dose of phenytoin, an inquest was told. Dr Helen Moore told Bailey’s mother Carrianne Rafcliffe she had ‘waited three-and-a-half years to see you face to face and say how sincerely sorry I am for these mistakes’. She added: ‘I just wanted to say it’s with tremendous sorrow I find myself here today.’ Ms Ratcliffe and other members of her family were in tears as the doctor made the apology. Dr Moore said she ‘got confused’ about the dosage of the emergency medication when Bailey was brought to Dewsbury Hospital in West Yorkshire suffering the worst fit his family had ever experienced.”

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